• Nov 02 2017

"Overall Outstanding, Professional Customer Service"

Jaizel and Angelo Bought their First Home with The Brij Team

  • Oct 25 2017

"We Love Our New House, We Love The Brij Team"

"You all Have Done a Tremendous Job of Finding Our New Home. We Couldn't Have Done It Without The Brij Team"

  • Aug 28 2017

"Finally moved to a new house!"

"We owe each one of you big gratitude and moving wouldn't have been possible without your help, support. We were lucky to work with you guys."

  • Jul 06 2017

"Thank you for your expertise is negotiating the best price for my parents' home"

"We did not feel like another number but rather part of a family team that was always there for us"

  • Jun 22 2017

"Thank you for helping me in this crazy market!!"

"Thank you for Sharing your Thoughts and Knowledge in Finding My First Home!"

  • May 08 2017

"A true professional!!"

"You came across as a very humble, knowledgeable, and above all, a true professional. The latter is what's lacking in most Realtors these days, honestly."

  • Mar 20 2017

"Sheldon's Service was So Excellent!!"

The Brij Team got Beverley's Townhome sold for $56,000 Over Asking Price!!

  • Mar 07 2017

"Impressed by Jay's Leadership in Navigating the Market"

The Brij Team sold Andrew and Lou's Home in only 6 Days for $170,100 over Asking Price!

  • Mar 01 2017

"Jay is more than just a Realtor for us"

Shabana and Syed sold their home with The Brij Team and are planning to buy a new home soon.

  • Feb 24 2017

"The Support of The Brij Team was Amazing!"

Evan and Brittany Bought and Sold with The Brij Team

  • Nov 14 2016

'We're Sorry We Didn't Do It Sooner!'

Mina and Ron attended our Investment Workshop and already bought their first Investment Property

  • Oct 29 2016

"We are Now Enjoying Our Dream Home"

"We strongly recommend The Brij Team to anybody Buying or Selling a Home."

  • Oct 17 2016

"Jay, you are the best, professionally and at the personal level!!"

The Brij Team got their Home Sold in 12 Days for $85,300 Over the Asking Price!!

  • Oct 07 2016

"Jay is a Man of his Word!!!"

Jay Guaranteed to Vincent that we would net $550,000 for the sale of his condo. Although, his property was sold within 60 days for $557,000, after closing expenses, he only netted $539,926, so Jay paid the $10,074 difference out of his pocket.

  • Sep 27 2016

"'The Brij Team Know How to Sell Houses!!"

"Every House Can Be Sold, but It takes Great Marketers to Sell It!l"

  • Sep 19 2016

"Mr. Brijpaul and his Team provided a great educational foundation."

"I now feel better equipped to approach real estate investing with greater confidence."

  • Aug 30 2016

"'The Brij Brings a Human Element to the Home Buying Experience"

"The whole Team was extremely helpful."

  • Aug 02 2016

"Thank you from the Bottom of Our Heart!!!"

"Arnold, You went Above and Beyond to Ensure that We Were Fully Satisfied"

  • Jul 29 2016

"'Customer Service on a Different Level!!"

"Mukesh is not in it only for the sales money but he always makes sure his clients are satisfied."

  • Jul 23 2016

"Prior to this purchase I had lost faith in real estate agents."

"When I teach my students the ethics involved in becoming a realtor the model I will have for them is Amit."

  • Jul 20 2016

"Your service was Second to None."

"My experience with Andrew was the epitome of Excellence!!".

  • Jul 11 2016

"You Did an Impeccable Job"

"Thank you Dhano for your thoughtfulness, determination and individualized attention".

  • Jul 04 2016

"A Realtor who has proven to be a partner and a friend."

"You went above and beyond to make the sale process so much easier for us"

  • Jun 21 2016

"'The Brij Team gave us good advice from the Beginning and Still Do So"

"We recommend them to everyone and even our kids recommend them to everybody."

  • Jun 17 2016


A Very Pleased Family with the Professional Assistance from Arnold Gokul of the Brij Team

  • Jun 07 2016

"The Brij Team is the Right Place for People to Come!"

Audrey was going through a hard time in her life and The Brij Team was able to help her out.

  • May 14 2016

"We Couldn’t Have Done It Without The Brij Team!"

"I would highly recommend The Brij Team."

  • Apr 19 2016

"We Are Glad We Had the Best on Our Side!!!"

The Brij Team got Their Home Sold in 13 Days for $51,100 Over Asking Price

  • Apr 12 2016

"Thank you Whole Hearthedly for All the Help that you Gave Us"

"Not only was the selling of my home sold quite quickly but over the asking price!"

  • Apr 09 2016

"Jay is Everything you Would Want a Professional to Be!"

"I am just so grateful and thankful for everything he has done for me."

  • Mar 29 2016

"We Are Speechless!!!"

The Brij Team got Their Home Sold in 10 Days for $160,100 Over Asking Price

  • Mar 23 2016

"Jay is a Very Professional Guy"

"Over the years I have referred a lot of my clients over to Jay and all of them are very satisfied."

  • Mar 08 2016

"Always Just a Phone Call Away to Address Our Needs!!!!!!"

"Arnold was able to sell our home in Malton at the right price, and we purchased our new home in Brampton for well under our budget!"

  • Mar 01 2016

"A Pleasure to Have Arnold as a Realtor!!!"

Denny and Gennet sold their Home for 108% Over Asking Price!

  • Feb 07 2016

"Andrew goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty for His Clients"

He is the consummate professional who made the stressful task of selling our home that much easier to bear.

  • Feb 05 2016

"The Whole Experience Seems Much Easier!"

Rash just bought her new investment property through The Brij Team

  • Feb 02 2016

"Dealing with The Brij Team is always a Great Experience"

'I have been Buying and Selling with Jay since 2003'

  • Dec 10 2015

A Very Pleasant Experience

"The Brij Team is truly the Brij over troubled water"

  • Sep 15 2015

One Very Happy Family!!

Vanita, of The Brij Team, helped Them get the perfect home, in the perfect area, they've been dreaming of living in for months now.

  • Jul 22 2015

The Brij Team Really Went the Extra-Mile for Us!

'I Really Appreciate the Flawless and Seamless Service!'

  • Jul 01 2015

Don’t forget we are always here to help our investors find great tenants!

Dear Jay, We got the tenant for our property at 52 Centre street, Brampton, which we bought through you. Tenant moved in on the 15th. Thank you and your group for all the help. Especially Bally. He helped us all the way. Thank you Ron and Faby

  • Jun 24 2015

Big thank you from TCCF and the Brij Team to Burton for donating $300 to the TCCF

Burton is a happy first time investor. He brought a thank you card and a donation of 300k for TCCF