"Prior to this purchase I had lost faith in real estate agents."

Hi Jay,

I just wanted to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work with Amit. Prior to this purchase I had lost a lot of faith in real estate agents. I must say that my faith has been restored because of my interactions with Amit.

Amit is professional, articulate, optimistic, intelligent, and knowledgeable. In working with me Amit had a lot of situational constraints (i.e. seller has to agree to my offer). Instead of giving up on me he worked with me. He used his skill as a realtor to make the deal happen.

What is great about Amit though is that he actually hasn’t stopped helping me. After I signed off I thought for sure I wouldn’t hear from Amit again. However, I was mistaken as he is guiding me through the legal process of the deal and what the close will like on August 15th. He is giving me contacts for everything (i.e. movers, lawyers, renovators etc).

When I teach my students the ethics involved in becoming a realtor, the model I will have for them is Amit. All of our future dealings with respect to real estate will happen with your team and I will also recommend you team to other who are looking for excellent realtors in Mississauga.

Thank you so much,