Andrew Hylton

Sales Representative - 416.888.9100 -

 It's really quite simple: Your satisfaction is Andrew Hylton’s priority. Even if it means more work or less money for him, He will go the extra mile to guarantee a successful outcome and a happy client. That's because your opinion of him and word-of-mouth advertising is far more important than the commission he earn on any single transaction.

As a full-time agent, Mr. Hylton is focused on getting to know his clients and taking care of their real estate needs from beginning to end. He believes that a successful real estate transaction is built upon the strength of relationships and the experience of knowing how to get things done. Andrew is well respected by his peers and has developed invaluable working relationships with other professionals in the industry such as lawyers, lenders, etc. who assist him with meeting your real estate requirements.

Andrew Hylton brings with him an array of professional ethics that are crucial to the real estate industry. He is reliable, punctual, enthusiastic, courteous, dedicated, hardworking, and a true-believer in making his clients happy. “Happy clients are often repeat clients”

 Mr. Hylton believes in the power of making sound decisions, and is truly satisfied to be able to help his clients make sound real estate investments.

To learn more about Andrew’s client-centered approach to real estate transactions, please call him directly at 416.888.9100 to discuss your needs and explore how he can be of service to you.