Amit Kanhai

Sales Representative - 647-703-1283 -

After 8 years at 2 of Canada’s top financial institutions as an Investment Retirement Planner and Senior Lending Officer, Amit decided it was time for a change; this is when he joined the Brij Team and never looked back.

He has had years of experience with mortgage lending, rebalancing of investment portfolio's and planning out the retirement of 2,500+ clients at both institutions. All the while managing well over 20 Million in Mutual funds, this has inspired him to focus on helping people obtain something which is typically their largest investment, A Home.

Being heavily involved in Real-Estate transactions throughout his day to day operations at multiple branches for the better part of a decade, Amit recognized areas of improvement in the home purchase and sale experience. Since joining The Brij Team he has utilized those years of experience and financial knowledge to deliver top shelf service, whether clients are buying, selling or just seeking advice.

At the Brij Team we not only help you find your next home and/or sell your current home faster than average, but teach long term investment strategies. We design blueprints to help you utilize existing equity to purchase multiple properties and one day become a real-estate investor retiring on unencumbered cash flow.